'And Other Stories'. Settle here for a little bit and take a read of the best original fiction you're going to find on Neocities. Also important: I unconsciously ripped off my site's navbar from here, and the site's eminent creator was kind enough to forgive me. Main Archive About club: best club.


This is Rem's site. It taught me how to care for dogs and why people like Vocaloids. It turns out there are pretty cool reasons!


Despite being a peasant, I'm still really excited about this site. It's one of the most important.

Meersalz Insel

Chief Morale Officer, Sea Salt Guardian and Carrier-on of a Florian Schneider-like calm, Syntheli is definitely the most popular publisher of precious pocket jewels. P. Meersalz like the ocean.

Aegi's Cafe

Please do explore the cafe. There are people to meet and things to do. I heard rumours about a cockatiel.

Let's Learn Together

Sage is making something excellent! I like to check in here often to see the new things I can learn all about. There's a growing, already-large collection of really informative pages on here already. I especially love the fantastic pages on musical theory.


STRANGE CRUST and its associated projects are so far indirectly responsible for one (1) of my friends purchasing a $50 thermos flask. This counter will update when necessary.


Sometimes I remember that Neocities is named for Geocities and I think that's because Sanhyo's site wants me to remember that. Thank you! I send people succulentpig.html a lot.

Reading Project

This is one of the best websites with .neocities.org on the end— it looks and reads like something professional. If you're ever looking for something worth reading, Reading Project should absolutely have you covered.