Hiya, this is LUS. That's my website. I enjoy how Neocities is underused enough that the most memorable and shortest URLs are all still available. Someone needs to get on harvesting those quickly.

I have this site to talk about the weird films coming my way a great deal more often recently. That's the aim, even though I can't promise this won't veer off into less film-focused areas now and then. All media influences all media and so on and on and on. Beware full spoilers for everything if you're not into that.

What I'm hoping to offer with this is that blend of obscurity, humourous moment-by-moment summary and also-a-third-thing-people-like that lifts media "review" sites like these a step above ordinary blogs in entertainment value. In fact, this isn't a review site. It's a place for collecting wild stuff we didn't know existed yesterday. I like stuff. So, let's talk about stuff.