Update on the Third of September

For the past year, I've been slowly working on a handful — two, three handfuls? — of new LUS pages. There are major improvements coming and I've held off because I want all coming pages on this site to provide something more unique than vertically scrollable text and images. Please look forward to these improvements and discuss them in all the top secret LUS fan circles which surely exist.

More interestinglylyly, I recently wrote something fictional and fake for issue four of Ear Rat Magazine, which is your favourite one! Remember to leave aggressively enthusiastic and congratulatory comments — preferably about the magazine, but I can't stop your heart doing what it wants.


Sewage, skeletons and the final culmination of my months-long exercise in not knowing when to stop: Godzilla Versus Hedorah.

Less new!

Haircuts, gunshots and the most suspenseful lightswitch-flicking scenes since Nosferatu: 13 Tzameti.